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Pond and Brook: a Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments

Pond and Brook: a Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments
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Hanover, New Hampshire: University Press of New England, 1990, 276 pages.

Includes stories, natural history, activities, over 100 illustrations and 72 photographs. Chapters on water, freshwater ecology, ponds, lakes, running waters and wetlands--all freshwater environments. Photographs and vivid line drawings depict plants, animals and their habitats. Explores the unique properties of water, the basic principles vital to understanding aquatic life and the origin of freshwater habitats. Takes a holistic approach to both living and non-living components of freshwater environments and how they fit together to weave an ecological whole.

"Pond and Brook... weaves a tapestry of understanding from threads of facts, personal experience, poetry, illustrations and anecdotes...in an engaging writing style. It's all there: good cause, worthwhile outcome, solid learning and gentle fun."
- Natural Science for Youth Foundation

"An indispensable field guide to our nation's liquid assets."
- William A. Niering, Professor of botany, Connecticut College

"For someone who is fascinated by the life and inner workings of streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and wetlands but has not had much experience in exploring them, Pond and Brook is a quick and gentle immersion."
- Orion Nature Quarterly

"An excellent introduction to the aquatic life of lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands. Clearly written, the text is complemented by beautiful illustrations depicting the habitats as well as the associated plants and animals. Specific exploratory activities further enrich the value of this book. An indispensable field guide to our nation's liquid assets."
- William A. Niering, professor of botany, Connecticut College, New London

"Reading the book is almost as good as having Caduto himself beside you on a field trip, for he is a fine teacher. He writes vividly. Pond and Brook is at the same time a most complete guide to the plants, insects, and animals that live in or near water. Joan Thomson has provided hundreds of clear, graphic drawings, and the book is profusely illustrated with photos by Caduto and Cecil Hoisington. A reading list is supplied at the end of each chapter, and I found the glossary most helpful. I suggest that all lovers of the Connecticut River and its tributaries go straight to the nearest bookstore and buy Pond and Brook in order to be all set to know what really goes on in our watery environment."
- The Valley Newsletter Connecticut River Watershed Council

"Line drawings, superb photographs, and suggestions for activities and projects make POND AND BROOK an invaluable guide for a day at the water's edge."
- Nexus Quebec-Labrador Foundation/ Atlantic Center for the Environment

"I was delighted to find an easy to read, entertaining, and extremely competent introduction to the study of brooks and ponds. While written for an adult audience, the clear style and the hands-on approach make this book appropriate for older children and family projects. If you have a pond or brook in your life, or if you only visit one occasionally, this book will help you appreciate the complexity and variety of the living things you will find there."
- Valley News

"Through stories, activities, photographs, vivid illustrations, and just plain interesting facts, the book offers a holistic ecological view of the complex world of fresh water life. As a teacher, I was quite pleased to discover sections concluding each of the last four chapters entitled 'Explorations and Activities.' These sections provide readers with hands-on projects such as mapping a pond, creating an aquarium or building sampling and collecting devices for freshwater organisms.

Michael Caduto's love and respect for freshwater environments is evident throughout the book. With books such as Pond and Brook, I am optimistic that a concerned and educated citizenry will see to it that our fragile freshwater environments are preserved and protected as a legacy for many years to come."
- Vermont Environmental Report Vermont Natural Resources Council
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